What is the initiative 


Mon panier vert is a repository which brings together local merchants who produce food products, from seeds to your table.

Vegetables produced locally by market gardeners

Your farmers bring you their products all summer long, some even throughout the entire year! Discover them here.

Seed producers

Do you want to see your vegetable plants grow from seed? Discover your local seeds producer who have at heart the production of quality seeds, cultivated with respect for nature

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Advice and information sessions

Coming soon: Find tips and videos on a variety of topics, all related to local food products.

Vegetable plants ready to grow

Are you looking for plants for your garden to harvest at home? Find the Garden Centers located in your region. Some also offer organic soil, produce and pots to grow your vegetables at home.

How it works?

To make your search easier, you can filter by category or region to easily find what you are looking for.


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All local producers and distributors

Discover merchants in your area. 

Seed producers
Garden centers
Vegetable producers

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